7 Tips on How To Get People Engaged and Into the Habit of Opening Your Emails

Last year I hosted a range of Focus On Your Business training sessions and the Email Marketing session was delivered by a brilliant email strategist; Tim Dodd of 3D Consulting Services.

(If you pop over to Tim's website, there's tons of free information he shares - and it's all Good Stuff!)

He very kindly put all his session info into a booklet - 'Focus On - Email Marketing Workshop' and inside are so many tips and ideas that I thought I would share some with you Business Ninja Women!

Here then, are Tim's seven tips to help you get people engaged with your email marketing.

Tip 1. Send your emails when your audience can take action.

Although most folks have a smart phone, and most have them on them most of the time, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're monitoring them or have time to take action, all of the time. If they open your email and don't have the time to take action, it's very likely they'll forget to take action later and by that time, their inbox will have filled up with loads more emails...including your competitors!

So, you need to figure out when your readers are online with time to respond!

How can you do that? Look at when your audience is otherwise active. When are they commenting on your blog or social media pages? When did they subscribe to your mailing list? Test and Track.

Tip 2. Send Emails regularly.

Be consistent - get your readers used to when you send out your emails. For example, you might create a regular feature, such as offering a new freemium every Friday. You can bet your readers will eagerly open every email they get from you on Fridays!

Tip 3. Offer your best content and deals.

You want your readers to be thoroughly impresses every time they open one of your emails so ensure you send consistently, High Quality Content. Every Single Time!

You should also be offering your best deals to your subscribers, reward them for staying on your list by offering bonuses and discounts they can't get elsewhere!

Tip 4. Build Anticipation.

Use your current email to boost response for an upcoming email by building anticipation as well as telling readers when to expect the next email. For example: "Stay tuned, because tomorrow you'll discover a surprising way to save thousands of pounds on your taxes this year. You wont want to miss this, so keep an eye on your inbox..."

Tip 5. Use relevant subject lines.

Don't use 'bait and switch' lines where the subject line doesn't match the content. Your readers will lose faith in you and wont open your future emails.

Here is an example:

Subject line: Here's your £5,487 affiliate check...

Email body: If you join my affiliate program today, you could be receiving emails like this every month!

See how that works? You get people thinking they're getting money, and then you pull a fast one on them. They're going to be well upset and will unsubscribe!

So, remember, don't use clickbait subject lines... only use relevant ones!

Tip 6. Format for Mobile.

More and more people use their mobiles for checking their emails. Just ensure you have plenty of white space, put links on separate lines and if using html, ensure you're using a responsive design template.

Tip 7. Resend unopened emails.

Most email service providers (such as Aweber or GetResponse) provide tools for you to track how many people are opening your emails and clicking on your links.

Better yet, they also give you the tools to segment out the people on your list who didn't open your last email, which means you can send a follow-up email to those folks.

Don't send out the same email with the exact same subject line and pre-header info- it's possible they didn't open because it didn't grab their attention - so offer something new - a new benefit, a new offer and/or a pinch of curiosity to persuade them to open the new/second email.

I personally think Tim's tips are extremely helpful and I think I have certainly learnt from them.

I hope you find them helpful too and later this week, I'll post his ideas on Calls To Action!

Please feel free to share this info amongst your business ninja women friends!

Posted by Liz Wright on 13 June 2019 | permalink | comment

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