Email Marketing Masterclass

image 1Okay, I admit, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of internet articles about email marketing and there are many, many companies that deluge your inboxes with offers to 'do' your email marketing for you, to offer you pre-approved leads, to show yo how you can master email marketing in ten seconds! ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

Which is why, our training days are set up in a completely different way. We don't claim to be the only experts on email marketing but we do claim to know a more than your average business owner. And because of that, we are confident that if you come along to our emailing masterclass, you will learn enough to be able to confidently set up your next email campaign.

Why are we different?

We are different because our approach to training sessions is slightly different from the norm. We don't stand in front of the class for 8 hours and bombard you with information. What we actually do, is spend just one and a half hours, teaching you as much as we can about the subject, and six hours working alongside you in a practical way to help you understand and put into practice the skills you have just learnt.

This has been proven to be very effective and so far, all of our masterclasses have had the delegates raving about how useful and insightful they have been!

So, don't waste any time, go to our website and book your place today.


Posted by Liz Wright on 10 March 2017 | permalink | comment

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