The Final Day of our blog on 60 Second Elevator Pitches

Final day of the 60 Second elevator pitch

Okay, if you have been following the blog this week, you’ll have done some work already.

Today, let’s put that work to the test.

I regularly attend network meetings – in fact, I go every week to a group that meets early in the morning. I’m often still half asleep when I arrive, and it takes a few coffees for me to get going.

But I always have my 60 seconds ready because I know, that even though, the main group know me, that most weeks there are visitors who don’t know me and they’re the ones I’m aiming for.

My 60 seconds used be quite bland and not really punchy enough to get anyone sitting up but after using the questions and thinking about who I was targeting, it changed and now, I’m very comfortable with it.

Before: "Hi, my name is Liz Wright and my business is Cashback Solutions. We help businesses to create more income by providing them with a loyalty card that gives them money back when their customers go shopping. …"

After: "My name is Liz Wright and my business helps other business owners make more money! Our bespoke loyalty card gives any SME the ability to compete with the big retailers and gain new customers, retain old ones and get more revenue.

We offer long term, sustainable revenue streams that continue even when the business is retired!

Our existing clients have doubled or trebled their income as a result of joining our scheme.

Arrange a free informal chat today to see if your business qualifies. I’m looking for referrals to any high street retail business owner."


Remember, the key to your 60 seconds is to make it so that it prompts follow up questions such as:

Really? How do you do that?

Interesting, tell me more?

What does it cost?

In a meeting there could be up to 40 others giving their 60 seconds too so yours needs to stand out, be interesting, memorable. Try and add a little intrigue so that others in the room want to ask you more.

The most important piece of advice.

Be Prepared.

And Practice.

Good luck.

Posted by Liz Wright on 5 July 2019 | permalink | comment

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