The Elevator Pitch!

Continuing our blog on the 60 second elevator pitch.

The next hardest thing to identify is your Key Benefits.

Many people confuse the features of their business with the benefits of their business.

I confess, I did.

The easiest way to define the benefits is to think about what problems your products or services solve.

What’s in it for me?

As an example: I recently bought a fancy coffee-making machine. The features of the machine are that it is shiny black, comes with a big water reservoir and holds loads of the discarded pods. The Benefits, however, are that I get a ready made, steaming hot, tasty cup of coffee without any effort. This saves me time and effort.

Ask yourself – why does what I sell, make a difference to the people who buy it?

If you can answer this, you are well on your way to making your 60 seconds more enticing and value-laden.

Here are some of the needs that most people are looking to have provided.

  • Making more money
  • Making their business more profitable
  • Gaining more customers
  • Getting more orders
  • Saving them time
  • Saving them money
  • Saving them effort
  • Helping them to beat their competition

If you can provide meet any of those needs, you are very likely to be able to find clients.

Remember, the whole point of your 60 seconds is to grab attention and get folks wanting to do business with you.

Posted by Liz Wright on 4 July 2019 | permalink | comment

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