Continuing our series - ”What Do You Do?”

Yesterday, I talked about the impact we make when giving our 60 second introduction in a networking event.

Really, it isn’t rocket science – but it does need to be structured and it does need to be learnt so that it rolls off your tongue like liquid!

Basically your 60 seconds fall into this sequence:

Your intro – 5 seconds that peak an interest

Your reveal – 10 -15 seconds that reveals a little bit more

Your finale – 40 seconds to make them ask for more!

So, how do you begin?

Start by writing down some stuff about yourself and your business.

Concentrate on these nine points:

  1. What are the key items in your business that you sell?
  2. Who is your ideal client?
  3. How can you best describe your products/services?
  4. Why is your product/service better than your competitors?
  5. Who are you?
  6. What are YOU offering?
  7. What problems does your product/service solve?
  8. Can you think of a unique benefit of your product/service?
  9. What is your call to action to your audience?

Within the questions, did you find it difficult to identify your perfect customer?

One of the hardest things to pinpoint for any business is identifying our true targets – I have often heard people at networking meetings say that their target client is everyone, but this cannot be true. Not everyone wants the same services and products…so we have to identify the exact people if we’re going to be successful.

So how do we do this?

In every business book I have ever read, they always suggest that the perfect client is the person who has the problem that my products or services can solve.

As an example, my business involves finding people who want to earn extra money – it’s a multi-level marketing business and therefore I’m always on the lookout for folks who fall into one of the following categories:

  • They’re looking for extra income
  • They’re looking for financial freedom,
  • They want to own their own business,
  • They want more spare time,
  • They’re looking for personal development,
  • They want to help others,
  • They like meeting new people,
  • They want to retire,
  • They want to leave a legacy.

That’s nine reasons that people tend to gravitate towards the business I’m in, but I don’t have the time in a sixty second intro to list all of those and anyway, if I did, I’d never get anywhere!

So, I have had to find a way to condense all of that into a five second bite within my 60 seconds.

“If you’re looking to change your life, my business could help you achieve this.”

Although it’s not perfect, it does sometimes prompt folks to ask me to tell them more.

Come back tomorrow - we'll look at this in more detail.

Posted by Liz Wright on 3 July 2019 | permalink | comment

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