Continuing our series on Effective email Calls to Action

Hi and welcome back to the next three effective Calls To Action that you can use in your email marketing campaigns.

Tim Dodd from 3D Consulting Services kindly gave me these tips when he delivered his email marketing course at my Focus On Your Business set last year.

On Tuesday I copied out his first three tips. Here are the next three and next Tuesday, I'll be posting the final four of his Ten Tips.

They're all brilliant!

4. One Time Offer CTA

The idea here is to present a one-time offer. If the prospect doesn't take advantage of the offer they'll never see that particular offer again. This special offer might include a discount, bonus products, or both.

TIP: If you want to create even more urgency with a one-time offer, then present a countdown timer next to the offer. For example, you might give your prospect 60 minutes to order, before the offer disappears off the table forever.

For example:

  • You'll only see this offer one-time, so order in the next 60 minutes before it's gone for good!
  • This is a one-time offer that you can only take advantage of today, so order now to avoid disappointment!

5. Lead Generation CTA

Now you may be looking at this CTA and thinking, "Wait a minute... why on earth would I want to use a lead-generation call to action when my leads are already on my mailing list?"

There are two good reasons to direct your subscribers to join a mailing list :

  1. You can segment your list by offering your subscribers freemiums for joining your other lists.
  2. You may be doing a joint venture where you tell your leads to join your JV partner's mailing list (and they do the same for you).

For example:

  • Enter your name and email address in the form below, and then click "submit" to download this free WordPress plugin!
  • Click here to get your free golfing report - it's sure to shave strokes off your game, so claim yours today!

This gets your existing subscribers onto an additional list with additional targeted mailings to create additional streams of income!

6. Free event CTA

One of the most valuable ways to offer information is through a live event such as a webinar or even an offline workshop held in a hotel or other conference room. These sorts of events are also great ways to generate leads or even segment an existing list.

Here are two examples of how to put this call to action to work for you:

  • Now you to can discover the secrets of getting washboard abs - click here to register for this free webinar!
  • Are you on the path to retiring with at least one million pounds in the bank? Find out tonight at 9:00 by hopping on this free webinar. Click here now to register- and hurry, because seating is limited...

Wow! Tim really does know his stuff - it's funny because as I'm reading these various CTAs, I realise how many times I have clicked on some just like these... is it me or is it the CTA?

So, tune in again next time and get Tim's final four tips on Calls to Action.

Posted by Liz Wright on 20 June 2019 | permalink | comment

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