Effective Email Calls To Action

Continuing the tips from Tim Dodd of 3D Consulting Services - today I'm showcasing his tips on Calls To Action.

Now, if you're like me, you've probably sent out hundreds of emails with either no call to action, or one that never worked. I have learnt, over the years, that getting people to click on a link is difficult and although I'm one of those that clicks on nearly everything sent to me (curiosity always gets the better of me), I realise that most folks only click if they're really, really interested in whatever is being offered.

So, Tim's given us ten effective CTAs. There's a lot of detail so I'm spreading them over the next three blogs!

Here are the first three!

1. General Offer CTA.

This is a callto action that you use when you want someone to purchase a product or service but without any discounts or other special offers.

For example:

  • Click here to purchase this meal-planning app today- and do it now, because this is your key to losing weight and getting healthy!
  • Take out your credit card and click here to join the #1 copywriting club - this is a great way to start making money with every sales letter!

2. Special Offer CTA.

Whether you're launching a product or you just want to drum up some sales with a special offer.. here is the call to action to use.

For example:

  • Click here now to claim your 50% discount - but hurry, because this coupon expires tomorrow!
  • Be one of the first 50 people to order this tub of whey protein, and you'll get a second tub absolutely free! So click here now before this offer ends...

3. Upsell/Cross-sell CTA

If you've already convinced your reader to purchase a product, then your next step is to persuade them to purchase something else. Ideally, this call to action should go on the order page itself, although in some cases you may offer it as an additional option inside an email.

For example:

  • Click here to double your whey protein order for just £25 more...
  • Click here to upgrade to the gold membership, where you'll get two free coaching sessions every month...

Okay - so there's the first three of Tim's tips - come back on Thursday to see the next three...

Posted by Liz Wright on 18 June 2019 | permalink | comment

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