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56-question.pngHello again and thank you for reading our blog - well, really it is our newsletter.

Attila and I have been fairly busy since October but both of us were ill over the Christmas period with the dreaded lurgy - we both had bad colds - which has taken the wind out of our sails. Why does it take so long to get over simple colds?

We launched the FloraRosaDesign website/online store and they seem to be very happy with it all - we hope they have many visitors and sell lots of their wares. They're very talented at what they do - table linens and chair covers for weddings and events. Pop over and see for yourself.

We've also been creating some new software for a company called GilesLeisure based in Lewes. They sell hot tubs and swimming pools and they wanted a automated system whereby the office can enter jobs into a diary for their engineers, produce a worksheet with all the info on and be able to keep tabs on who's doing the work, where there's spaces and which customer's invoices need doing. We're three quarters there with the project and hope to be integrating it into their Sage accounting system this coming Thursday.

We're meeting a new prospect on Tuesday to discuss another big website job but have space for a couple more projects so, if you are a small to medium business and want help with any aspect - from logo design through to business cards/flyers, business plans, automated software, website, digital marketing and blogging, please remember the Business Ninjas are here to help!

Posted by Liz Wright on 13 February 2018 | permalink | comment

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