Focus On Your Business training...

The training days so far have been brilliant! Annie Dixon started the ball rolling, so to speak, with her fabulous talk and demonstration of Blogging, Lesley Roberts from Talkmarketing gave us a fascinating insight into using the use of the telephone for marketing your business, and Tim Dodd actually wrote and published a new book specifically for our training day that was all about email marketing!

Liz Kelly gave us an insightful talk on accounting and bookkeeping and I joined in that day with a crash course on cashflow.

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Yesterday, Greg Draven hosted a magnificent day teaching us the specifics needed for successful social media postings and we all learnt much more about the pesky # (hashtags) that most of us use, but didn't understand why!

The last (sob) Focus On Your Business day will be on 8th August and will feature Andrew Horder (THE JOYFUL GENIUS) who will be working with us to discover our strengths, weaknesses and, well, pretty much all there is to know about us in our businesses.

Be there... get in touch to book, via the website, or call me (for free) on 0800 67 851 67

Posted by Liz Wright on 12 July 2017 | permalink | comment

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