Meet Annie Dixon

Writing and Blogging is just me, Annie Dixon, at the moment!

My background is in Business to Business magazines and I have utilised all of that experience to establish my Copy Writing business that is geared towards you, my clients. I want your website to stay active and up-to-date with informative and well constructed articles.

I trained as a PE teacher but knew that wasn't quite me as I much preferred coaching and training on a one to one basis. I have always loved participating in sport being a keen golfer, hockey (in my youth) and tennis player and have always loved watching sport with a particular passion for football.

I have explained the off-side rule on numerous occasions in restaurants and at dinner parties with the salt and pepper shakers, the tomato ketchup and coarse grain mustard! The mayonnaise now comes in useful to emphasise that a player who is not "active" and although technically offside is not actually offside!

I was there when Lara scored 375 runs at the Recreation Ground in Antiqua, George Best scored 6 goals against Northampton Town and have watched Zico play for Udinese against San Paulo.

Travel was always on my agenda so I was privileged to work for British Caledonian and British Airways and see the world. I have seen Niagara and the Igassu Falls, the Grand Canyon, the Khyber Pass, Table Mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro and the Taj Mahal to name a few amazing spectacles.

After flying, it was selling holidays and embarking on my writing career as well as doing a Beauty course, all for good measure.

Home is in the countryside with hubby, 2 dogs, a cat and a horse. This is the perfect setting for me to create inspiring articles for you.

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