Blogging for your business - What can you use?

I know I posted this viseo before but really, it's so revealing that I thought I'd use it again.

What strikes me is the percentages it quotes! 

67% of marketers use Blogging and 62% create videos!

That's a lot of folks writing every day to create content for distribution via all the different media out there. And it says that 60% of marketers create something on a daily basis.

That got me to thinking - if I was to spend every day writing, I'd never have time to work with my clients, particularly as I often spend time working at their premises.

Which is why, using Bloggi, created by Jim Pirrie, and Raw Shorts for creating short infographic videos, is so great.

I can sit on days when I'm feeling creative and write ten or so blog posts, create a couple of rawshort videos to accompany them and upload via Bloggi, using Zapier to send them to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Job done.

If you would like to find out how to use Bloggi, RawShorts or even just more about blogging in general, why don't you register for the forthcoming FocusOnYourBusiness Masterclass that is being held on 7th February with Annie Dixon and myself?

It's very easy to register and you can buy a one day pass via the website:

Hope to see you soon.

Posted by Liz Wright on 10 January 2017 | permalink | comment

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