Focus on Social Media

The focus on this session will be on how you can use all of the current social media outlets to market your business to an ever-growing audience of interested parties.

Our expert for the day will be Greg Draven from Little Raven Media. Greg is a character. Really. He wears a kilt and in his spare time auditions for a variety of acting jobs, but his knowledge about using social media is par-none and we are very excited that he has agreed to be a part of our team.

If you are someone who struggles with knowing how to use any of the tools freely available on the internet, then this day is for you.

Come along and discover how to create adverts, pages and more. We won't just bombard you with useless information. We will show you how to do these things and give you the time to practise so that you really get a feel for what it is you need to do, BEFORE we send you on your way.

You can register at


Posted by Liz Wright on 20 December 2016 | permalink | comment

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