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More about Wright Ideas 4U

I started Wright Ideas 4U in April of 2015. I had spent the previous two years trying to establish a new and different kind of café in Eastbourne. The... (read more)

Boxing Day Blues?

A group for women in business - a place to share ideas, gather information, give support, network with like-minded women- (read more)

It's Christmas!

Today is Christmas day and you’ll only be reading this if, like me, you can’t switch off from your business.I’m not advocating that this is... (read more)

Focus On Your Business

It's Christmas Eve and our last call before Christmas for you to register for the Focus On Your Business masterclass.Don't forget, if you need help with understanding... (read more)

Facebook media

Facebook is never going to go away.Admit it, if you are in business, how often do you spend browsing facebook instead of attending to your business?It is very... (read more)

Focus On Blogging

Today we are going to talk to you about blogging and content marketing.Did you know that one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website was by blogging?We're... (read more)

Introducing Liz Wright

Hi, I'm Liz Wright and I am the creator and lead expert for the Focus On Your Business marketing masterclasses that are starting in January 2017.I started my... (read more)

Focus on Social Media

The focus on this session will be on how you can use all of the current social media outlets to market your business to an ever-growing audience of interested... (read more)

Why we have created the Focus On Your Business Marketing...

Focus On Your BusinessOver the years I have probably attended more than fifty training sessions where, although I was interested in the subject, and the trainer... (read more)
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