How to bring down my Averages!

Earlier this week I wrote about the Law of Averages and Allan Pease's book, Questions Are The Answers - (which is well worth a read) and decided that my 'averages'... (read more)

The Power of the Law of Averages

I've just finished reading Questions are the Answers by Allan Pease and have to say, I am impressed.I'm particularly interested in his take on the Law of Averages... (read more)

The Final Day of our blog on 60 Second Elevator Pitches

Final day of the 60 Second elevator pitchOkay, if you have been following the blog this week, you’ll have done some work already.Today, let’s put... (read more)

The Elevator Pitch!

Continuing our blog on the 60 second elevator pitch.The next hardest thing to identify is your Key Benefits.Many people confuse the features of their business... (read more)

Continuing our blog on 60 Second pitch

Yesterday, I talked about the impact we make when giving our 60 second introduction in a networking event.Really, it isnt rocket science but... (read more)
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