Some of our recent projects

Hello again and thank you for reading our blog - well, really it is our newsletter.Attila and I have been fairly busy since October but both of us were ill... (read more)

Why Social Media is important for your SEO

Liz Wright from Business Ninjas gives you her take on the relevance of social media for your business website...especially if, like her, you're over fifty! (read more)

Business Ninjas

Business Ninjas launch onto the business world in Eastbourne and East Sussex. (read more)

Focus On Your Business training...

The training days so far have been brilliant! Annie Dixon started the ball rolling, so to speak, with her fabulous talk and demonstration of Blogging, Lesley... (read more)

Email Marketing Masterclass

The Business Ninjas do all your marketing for you and this blog is where we share tips and ideas (read more)
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